Value CT Homes 


You need to know the value of your property before you put it on the market. Although there are many automated property valuation tools on line today, what they lack is the ability to analyze the available information, sort it according to relevant time frame and apply that historical raw data to competing available properties.  Zillow, Trulia and other sites that claim they can provide you with comparable market information really can't.  They are good sites for general information but those sites just can't provide your with accurate values based on current supply and demand or an accurate comparison of like-kind neighborhoods or a comparative property features analysis

The Home Price Index valuation calculator is another good tool that you can plug some numbers in to give you a rough idea of appreciation rates in the area.  This is also not an accurate indicator since only a professional can assess true market value.

The real estate professionals at Realty3 CT are thoroughly trained to analyze the information available and help justify a true range based on market conditions so a realistic price can be set.  

A Comparable Competitive Market Analysis is an art form which requires a great deal of effort and a seasoned real estate agent's perspective.
To be successful in selling your property, you need the right real estate professional with a proven track record to get results.  Targeting the Right Price is essential for a successful sale!  We have the knowledge and experience to help you attain your objective!

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