There is a lot to know about buying property in CT

Here are some helpful tips and tools to make your experience a positive one

Remember - your experience will only be as good as the agent that guides you.  
All of our real estate professionals have advanced skill training in the business specialty that they work
and all are trained to represent the interest of their clients at a high degree with ethical integrity.
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Residential Property Information Below

                                Home Buyer Checklist          9 Steps to Owning        Applying for a Loan         Buying a Foreclosure        Closing Costs 
  Contract Contingencies    Documenting Assets    Daily Rate Lock Advisory   Housing Finance Agencies    First Time Home buyers 
  Fixer-Uppers    Gated Communities    Getting Qualified for a Loan    First Steps to Buying Property    Home Inspectors and the Process 
  Home Warranty Products    Lead Paint in the Home    Loan Application Checklist    Loan Programs    Mold in the Home 
  New Construction    Radon in the Home    Real versus Personal Property    Short-Sale Buyer    Writing the Offer 
  Why have an Inspection?    What is Earnest Money?    Your Buying Power    Your Downpayment    Your FICO Score